Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business

Please read and make sure you understand the Terms & Condition set out below

By booking a consultation, course or other event run by Elaine Brooks, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Elaine Brooks is fully insured for pet business activities through ‘Protectivity’.


Once a consultation, course or event has been booked, details of the booking will be sent together with relevant information and instructions.  To safeguard humans and animals all instructions must be followed.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation or termination of the consultation, course or event with no refund.


Payment of a non-refundable deposit of £30 maybe requested to confirm a booking. Any deposit will be deducted from the balance.

Deposits are accepted by direct bank transfer.


The balance of the fee and any training goods must be paid in full prior to or at the time of the consultation, course or event.  Payment is accepted by bank transfer or cash at the time.  The price of the consultation will be the price as stated on the confirmation letter.

Refunds and Cancellations

Where less than 7 days notice is given to cancel the consultation, course or event, the full fee may be charged.  Where a consultation, course or event is cancelled or postponed by Elaine Brooks, any monies paid will be held or returned.

All other cancellation and refund requests will be at the discretion of Elaine Brooks and dependent on the individual circumstances.

Attendance (Consultation)

All family members or friends who come into regular contact with the animal are encouraged to be present.  However, it is strongly recommended that young children young are supervised by an adult who can keep them safe and occupied during the 1-3hr consultation period.  This may involve leaving the room or house.

Safety and Responsibility

Everyone present is responsible for their own safety and that of others to minimise the risk of injury or damage to property.  In order to ensure my own personal safety and that of you and your pets any instructions given prior to my arrival and during the consultation must be followed.  Failure to do so may result in the early termination of the consultation with no refund.

By booking a consultation, course or other event you are accepting that participating in a behaviour modification programme or any other type of animal training activity may pose a risk of injury to yourself and/or your animal.  You also are accepting responsibility for ensuing that anyone who accompanies you to a consultation or training activity is aware that they do so at their own risk.

All incidences resulting in an accident or injury should be reported to Elaine Brooks at the time or as soon as possible thereafter to ensure appropriate safety protocols are implemented to minimize further risk.


Unless required by law, public interest or given consent, any information you supply will be kept confidential.  The referring vet will receive a summary letter of your consultation unless permission to provide a copy of the full report is granted by yourself.  Letters or emails may contain sensitive information and/or legally privileged information and are therefore only intended for the person to which it is addressed.

Participation in Group Classes & Workshops

  • All dogs must have third party liability insurance
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and wormed (Certificate of cover will be requested).
  • All dogs must be kept on lead until instructed otherwise
  • It is the owner/handler’s responsibility to clear up any fouling, failure to do so could jeopardise future participation.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Minors must be supervised at all times by a non-participating parent or guardian.
  • Participation in a group class is subject to the dog’s suitability and can be withdrawn at any point during a session or course.

Photography and Video/Audio Recording

No video, audio or photographic recording of the event is permitted.  Elaine Brooks reserves the right to make photographic, video or audio recordings during any event for promotional or educational purposes. Any such material will not be used or passed on to third parties without prior consent.


Neither Elaine Brooks nor any person acting on behalf of Elaine Brooks accept liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to dogs, handlers, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever, howsoever caused.