One-to-One Dog Training

Amber doing a check in with SueOne to one training is ideal if you prefer a more personalized service and want to concentrate on specific aspects of your dog’s behaviour and training.  The flexibility one-to-one training offers enables us to tailor each session to accommodate yours and your dog’s needs to maximize learning opportunities.

An Initial Assessment is a pre-requisite for One to One Dog Training.  A veterinary referral is not a standard requirement, but it may be requested at any stage for safeguarding purposes.

The one-time assessment is carried out in a safe and stress-free environment.  We will discuss your dog, your expectations and your goals.  I will outline my teaching methods, how I can help you meet your goals, and explain what to expect going forward in the process.  I will advise you on equipment and give you some tools and homework to set you in the right direction to be successful.

Thereafter training session appointments take place in an environment of your choice that is appropriate to the stage of training and meets the aims of the session.  This could be your in your home, the garden or in your home area.

The cost

The cost of the initial assessment is £90.00 – £120.00 and takes between 1 – 1 ½ hours.

A one-to-one session is charged at £40.00 per hour and last for a minimum of 1 hour.  Thereafter prices are rounded to the nearest half hour.

Where return travel from TQ11 0AA exceeds 20 miles a 45p per mile surcharge is necessary to cover time/mileage costs.

Sessions are best purchased in the quantity recommended to meet your dog’s training needs and achieve your goals.  These are usually agreed during the initial assessment.