Group Classes

KPA CertificateGroup training classes are the cornerstone of services for many owners wanting a family pet dog that they can enjoy and have fun with. My beginner’s course for dogs aged 20 weeks and over is designed so that you and your dog learn valuable foundation skills and behaviours that create a sound basis for life-long learning.  I give you the skills to take out of the training room and put into practice in the real world.  Classes are held on a Tuesday and Wednesday at Buckfast Village Hall, TQ11 0EA (Less than 2 minutes from the Exeter to Plymouth A38)

How classes work

I want classes to be an enjoyable and beneficial learning experience for humans and dogs!   Group classes are not suitable for dogs that are aggressively reactive towards other dogs and/or humans.  The underlying emotion of such a reaction is usually fear and is the dog’s way of communicating it isn’t coping with the situation.   If you would like to attend classes but are unsure about your dog’s behaviour please contact me to chat about more suitable options.

Handlers of all ages are welcome but under 18 year old’s must be accompanied by an adult.


Week 1 is for humans only.

Weeks 2-6 are 1:15 hour sessions.


  • A flat collar and/or well fitted body harness – no check/choke chains, half-check collars, prong collars, spray collars or e-collars.
  • A fixed length lead made of webbing or leather – no flexi-leads or chain link leads.
  • ID tags

By booking a place in a course you are accepting my terms and conditions

The cost

Courses run for six weeks and cost £70.00