Kids back to school? What about dog school? New 6 week course starting on Tuesday 12th September at 6.30pm at Buckfast.  This is what we cover: Teamwork: Walking at your pace not theirs, how to switch off so you can enjoy that well earn coffee and cake you’ve just walked a mile for.  Attention and Focus: Come back when I call you, Wait, until I say otherwise.  Impulse Control: That’s mine please Leave It, Nice to see you too, but NO jumping up – thank you!  Effective communication: Why don’t you just do what I ask?

Small supportive groups please call 07502280986 to book a place.

Come and learn how to hone your dog’s natural scenting ability through fun and games.

Saturday 1st July 6-9pm £40.00

Spaces available 

New!  Saturday morning field sessions starting June 2017 at Henri’s field on the Dartington Estate.  Social group for shy dogs – Troubleshooting recall  and more!  Take a look at the Services Page for more details and phone to book a place.